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Yes, you have no wrong, nike air HUARACHE first year of color will be engraved on sale, this color in 1991 the first sale. Only after the plan in 1999 engraved a. Now in the past 15 years, for those who loved him, 15 years of waiting too long, fortunately, a long wait is finally etc. to the engraved message, the exact engraved information has yet to be announced, we will continue to pay attention to. source: sneakerfreakerConcord turned to Air Jordan 11 " Concord" for the design of hair and launched the Air Foamposite One " Concord" now back finally see its shoes for the whole picture. The Air Foamposite One Air Jordan - 11 " Concord" the classic face transplant, completely imitate the color, black surface on the surface of Posite with glossy design features, above 11 Jordan did not like the Air " Concord" white nylon surface material, but with white leather with a unique the other with texture, transparent ice bottom face, is still the Retro jordans for sale best new pair shoes fans can not be ignored. regression low-key Air Jordan Future new color design, Wolf, Grey, pondering patterns, Nike, Air, Raid, OG, Peace, do not note color review on an article: return low-key Air Jordan Future new color design, Wolf Grey next article: Pondering patterns, Nike, Air, Raid, OG, Peace, do not note color Kobe Bryant 9 High are extremly well-liked. It??s regarded as its own shoes this now inside top considering the shoes and boots current market. so you can discover such shoe brand adhering to item on become any competitive brand inside shoes market due to excellent design and this competitive price. For these who??ve acknowledged the Nike shoes all know true that Nike shoes are established with great soft, and supply the users great comfort in addition to durality that provide could be gret. What??s more, the premium and also the charming appearance that each together turn you suitable larger leve Retro jordans for sale l. Therefore nowadays, you may different people will wear them, whenever you walking on your way. Even some famous personalities would also wear such shoes in the formal occasions. Due toward excellent design, and an identical wear, Nike Kobe Bryant 9 High Basketball Shoes have become an increasing number of popular and you also can acquire anywhere. They are all considered as commonly versions of lebron footwear and boots. So a growing level of people now would select buy the Nike sneakers or boots. So you are able to knowledge the Nike shoes potencial market is. Consider the Nike skater sneakers and boots as instance, there tend to turn into absorbed in improving customer service, it is beautifully made with practical function as well as the sensation that provide are generally absolutely great. What in relation to people today? Also come here and also own yourself one couple the Nike shoes, that you choose so that they can can wear the cheap jordans online best advanced basketball sneakers,and they are sold at low price on our Kobe And KD Shoes website. Bryant 9 High Shoes Can Provide The Best Comfo" /〉 I like this news,and it's fromOvercritical play smart and elegant Adidas Eqt KB8 To commemorate the forgotten 2006-05-30 14:07:51 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [source: Chinese shoes network] Print & nbsp; Close has elapsed things always tend to miss most worthy of our countless regret and regret the lost beauty and prove exciting. In Sneaker sector due to many concepts it has been lost for various reasons, when the number Feet Your Wear (natural feet Technology) most nostalgic. Binding to the concept is based on ergonomics and bionics to create a more close to the natural movement, so that the foot closer to the ground, so that your bones, your every inch of skin, the greater the degree to break the shackles, to feel the external environment, the fastest to Cheap air jordans for sale react to external circumstances, in the original way to avoid sports injuries. After all, the essence of the concept lies in the concept of natural feet a barefoot. This concept and Bryant changeable smart, elegant style of play coincides him to speak a new natural feet concept of basketball shoes is probably appropriate. No matter from what point of view, natural feet did not seem to be a king: it is a concept after adidas existing technology integration designed, no new technology practice it could not help wonder if it will make shines; it looks too offbeat style, and then gradually streamlined design in a dominant position contrary, it seems at first glance it can be noted that the presence of the aerodynamic problems, heavy shape is to deepen people's doubts; and Zoom Air compared endorsement star is more natural feet dwarfs. Whether it is the heyday of the "trapeze" Your Highness, still hot "Penny" Hardaway, not two "rookie" player Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping s Anthony ? ? Walker and Kobe Bryant can be compared. Everything seems to unfavorable natural feet, we have even begun to regret it: If it is not met Zoom Air This powerful opponent, natural feet might have a better future. But, the situation has more to do not have to consider adidas, if not regain the market as soon as possible, then, Nike Zoom Air virtue of attack on all fronts and a number of products, dominate the world seems to have been just around the corner. Eqt KB8 series is the emergence of a true sign of the rise of natural feet. The entire series from Eqt KB8 I bring to the market impact began, people suddenly began to discover the natural feet concept of charm, have been completely do not care about the appearance of rough drag coefficient and the alternative have been completely break the conventional design has been completely conquered the younger generation Sneaker heart. And after Eqt KB8 II of further technical impr cheap foamposites ovements in cushioning, Eqt KB8 series has been emerging trends, faint with royal air until Eqt KB8 III of, Eqt KB8 series and the whole concept of natural feet basketball shoes are push the peak. Eqt KB8 III incorporates all the essence of the whole concept of natural feet, its whole upper with a soft leather design, wearing a very comfortable, no doping modern shoes of various high-tech materials, pure tanned leather upper Sometimes bring a sense of comfort is unparalleled. Extending three-dimensional torsion system (3D Torsion System) and adiPRENE heel can provide good stability and excellent cushioning protection for players, this three-dimensional torsion system at a later adidas basketball shoes have rarely seen, and which it is supplemented by a carbon plate, which in adidas basketball shoe is extremely rare. So thoroughly the forefoot and heel connected together design also gradually lost the future, become the swan song; for for Cheap air jordan 12 ovo efoot adiPRENE +, with high flexibility, later also proved to be an extremely successful cushioning technology; Eqt KB8 III The biggest feature is the use of innovation never seen before in the end of the design, and especially close to adding a foot inside the shoe and has a cushioning insole protective Sockline, the wearer's feet and shoes fully integrated, while protecting the heel does not As flipped over, more responsive, more comfortable wear. This is a pair entirely based on the concept of Feet Your Wear footwear designed basketball shoes, it is suitable for all boots guard and small forward. Eqt KB8 III in terms of appearance and performance, it is a very good and classic basketball shoes, his outstanding performance has been recognized by the majority of shoes Friends, I think it is probably the only drawback is that the number of rare and very expensive the price of the bar. design has been a long-term natural feet basketball s cheap jordans for sale mens hoes, basketball shoes, and while adhering to the natural feet of simple to complex, with a variety of complex lines sketched out the idea of ??a simple outline. But just can Eqt KB8 III is a pair of simple modernist design model, every detail can not choose, every detail just right. Line design has reached a considerable height, adidas classic three bars evolved into a feathery, to match the curve of the whole shoe, and the use of patent leather, making Eqt KB8 III even more noble. Another point is that breakthrough applications including Eqt KB8 III boots on, comfortable Lycra material makes Eqt KB8 III wearing very comfortable, most tongue as part of the boots, is thin, increasing the permeability. outsole design has been a series of natural feet basketball shoes killer, focus point distribution has been designed to be very sound, on this basis, the landscaping, is a combination of practical and artistic, it is a masterpiece of experi cheap jordans for sale ence. Eqt KB8 III, has been out of the middle stage of the most vulnerable natural feet translucent crystal outsole, use mashup outsole, even with a lot of progress on the focal point, but still did not completely solve the natural feet basketball shoes do not wear Loss of traditional illnesses. dead long gone, the future is still hazy, suddenly among all are like dreams, full day has become a swan song, we finally understand the passing of precious quest but never found time passion. When I again face Crazy series, I did not realize people have changed, the dead already unable to recover. Related newsAir Jordan series of shoes every time we are concerned about most of the commercially available in addition to the shoes themselves, may have to be a shoebox. Recently Jordan & nbsp; Brand released the latest shoe, since next year is the 30th anniversary of the birth of Jordan Brand, in addition to the overall quality of shoes has improv cheap jordan shoes for men ed, but on the shoebox also carried out large-scale changes, selection of gold and 23 dazzling Logo design, you have seen a lot of sneaker shoe friends, I do not know for what it views this shoe? Jordan Super.Fly 3 "Slam Dunk" discovered network 2014-09-23 14:36:09 & nbsp; In addition to the highly anticipated Air Jordan 6 "Slam Dunk" has long coveted addition, the time the network has discovered the one Jordan Super.Fly 3 Slam Dunk color. Shoes with black and red rendering, this Super.Fly shoes and Air 3 of the Jordan 6 the same form in 3M Obscure "Slam Dunk" element pattern covering shoes, in addition, also printed on the insole hero Yingmuhuadao Head silhouette. Rumors Jordan Brand or will be composed of two shoes, "Slam Dunk" package for sale, it is uncertain reliability of this rumor. & nbsp; adidas x Rick Owens 2014 spring shoes introductory video released 2013-12-08 23:36:06 highly anticipated & nbsp; adidas by Rick Owens & nbsp; joint series recently released a & nbsp; 2014 spring shoes introductory video, we are as we reported earlier this footwear. From the video, we can see that the future of this great sense of style footwear There are three different colors, but can not get out & nbsp; Rick Owens iconic black and white ash three color composition, it still continues the & nbsp; Rick Owens's Features. Rick Owens himself has been eager to have a unique sneakers, the cooperation with adidas has also realized his own desire for many years. For more details, you may wish to open the video to find out. crowds, such as weaving shoes before World 2013-12-08 23:27:59 June 29, 2013, Beijing shoes shoes fans waiting world (KICKSMART) in Beijing Sanlitun 3.3 Building curtain fashion hub Square began. Beijing recently gloomy weather could not stop the people's passion for shoes. Live crowds, hot atmosphere, so the scene the audience once again feel the unique charm of sneakers culture. & nbsp; as the Beijing area the first professional large-scale exchange activities sneakers, many well-known seller, shoe collectors and industry events KOL togetherness shoe world scene. They arrived at the scene the audience with a share in the business aspects of their own life experiences shoes, which makes a lot of shoes in the world has just entered the audience benefit. Meanwhile, some weekdays or acquaintance in the network Shoe Friends, through this activity also felt the shoe world face to face communication and exchange of fun and became a close friend of reality. Among the activities, the shoes became a link between shoe fans among transactions in this increasingly sneakers to electricity providers and network development era, such activities to regain the form of so many friends all over the streets in the city's old Alley to Amoy to their favorite sneakers unforgettable experience. Many have said the scene the audience, Amoy to their beloved "Dream Shoes" moment like once again to recall their youth image, which both main process behind the shoes is easy, it is studded with rich experience shoe fans. & nbsp; In addition, this shoe world event, many well-known shoes, fashion media have also arrived at the scene, as a major force in the spread of sneakers culture, they are also trying to work together to share shoes with shoe fans brought the share of world activity source Since pure and simple joy of shoes, shoe world event will join them to assume responsibility for the spread of Chinese sneaker culture and mission, as more shoes lovers to create a better communication and exchange platform. & nbsp; shoe world events organizers US10STUDIO and co-sponsor the arrival of members of the media to thank friends, the seller and the audience, I believe that the next shoe world, will give shoes, fans and friends to bring more surprises!

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